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The filter-drier is mounted on the right front wheelhouse front extension in the engine compartment, in the liquid line between the condenser outlet and the evaporator inlet. Refrigerant enters the filter- drier as a high-pressure, high-temperature liquid.


The filter-drier performs a filtering action to prevent foreign material in the refrigerant from contaminating the expansion valve. A desiccant bag is mounted inside the filter-drier canister to absorb any moisture which may have entered and become trapped within the refrigerant system. In addition, during periods of high demand air conditioner operation, the filter-drier acts as a reservoir to store surplus refrigerant.

The filter-drier cannot be repaired. If the filterdrier is faulty or damaged, or if the refrigerant system has been contaminated or left open to the atmosphere for an indeterminable period, it must be replaced.

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