Heater and air conditioner control. Heater core

Heater and air conditioner control


The heater and A/C system use a combination of mechanical, electrical, and vacuum controls. These controls provide the vehicle operator with a number of setting options to help control the climate and comfort within the vehicle. Refer to the owner's manual in the vehicle glove box for more information on the features, use, and suggested operation of these controls.


The heater-A/C control panel is located to the right of the instrument cluster on the instrument panel.

The control panel contains a rotary-type temperature control knob, a rotary-type mode control switch knob, and a rotary-type blower motor speed switch knob.

The heater-A/C control panel cannot be repaired. If faulty or damaged, the entire unit must be replaced.

The illumination lamps are available for service replacement.

Heater core


The heater core is located in the heater-A/C housing, under the instrument panel. It is a heat exchanger made of rows of tubes and fins.


Engine coolant is circulated through heater hoses to the heater core at all times. As the coolant flows through the heater core, heat removed from the engine is transferred to the heater core fins and tubes. Air directed through the heater core picks up the heat from the heater core fins. The blend air door allows control of the heater output air temperature by controlling how much of the air flowing through the heater-A/C housing is directed through the heater core. The blower motor speed controls the volume of air flowing through the heater-A/C housing.

The heater core cannot be repaired and, if faulty or damaged, it must be replaced. Refer to Cooling System for more information on the engine cooling system, the engine coolant and the heater hoses.

    Dodge Durango (DN) 1998-2003 Service Manual


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