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Wiper motor


The two-speed permanent magnet wiper motor has an integral transmission and park switch. The motor also contains an internal automatic resetting circuit breaker to protect the motor from overloads.

The motor is secured near the center of the tubular wiper linkage and pivot module bracket with three screws. The wiper motor output shaft passes through a hole in the module bracket, where a nut secures the wiper motor crank arm to the motor output shaft.

Wiper speed is controlled by current flow to the proper set of brushes. The wiper motor completes its wipe cycle when the windshield wiper switch on the end of the multi-function switch stalk is turned to the Off position, and parks the blades in the lowest portion of the wipe pattern.

The windshield wiper linkage, pivots, bushings, mounting bracket, and motor are only serviced as a complete unit. If any part of this unit is faulty or damaged, the entire wiper module must be replaced.


The rear wiper motor is secured to a bracket that is fastened to the liftgate inner panel with two screws through two rubber grommet-type insulators, below the rear window glass and behind the liftgate trim panel. The motor output shaft passes through the liftgate outer panel where a rubber grommet and a nut seal and secure the unit to the liftgate outer panel. A plastic cover snaps onto the motor output shaft to conceal the mounting nut. The rear wiper arm is secured directly to the motor output shaft with another nut, which is also concealed by a plastic cover that snaps onto the end of the wiper arm.

The rear wiper motor unit provides a single speed intermittent-cycle operating mode, which is provided by an electronic timer circuit that is integral to the motor unit. The rear wiper motor cannot be repaired.

If faulty or damaged, the entire rear wiper motor assembly must be replaced.

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