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Wiper arm and blade

All Durango models have two 50-centimeter (19.69- inch) windshield wiper blades with non-replaceable rubber elements (squeegees). The driver side and passenger side wiper blades are not interchangeable.

The driver side blade features an additional bridge, which provides an additional set of claws to retain the wiper squeegees than the six sets of claws used on the passenger side blade. These wiper blades include an anti-lift feature. The wiper blades and squeegees must be oriented correctly when installed on the wiper arms for the anti-lift feature to be effective.

See Wiper Blade in the Removal and Installation section of this group for more information. The standard rear wiper uses a single 40.0-centimeter (15.75-inch) wiper blade with a non-replaceable rubber element (squeegee).

Caution should be exercised to protect the rubber squeegees from any petroleum-based cleaners or contaminants, which will rapidly deteriorate the rubber.

If the squeegees are damaged, worn, or contaminated, the entire wiper blade assembly must be replaced.

Wiper squeegees exposed to the elements for a long time tend to lose their wiping effectiveness. Periodic cleaning of the squeegees is suggested to remove deposits of salt and road film. The wiper blades, arms, and windshield or rear glass should be cleaned with a sponge or cloth and windshield washer fluid, a mild detergent, or a non-abrasive cleaner. If the squeegees continue to streak or smear, the wiper blades should be replaced.

The blades are mounted to spring-loaded wiper arms. The spring tension of the wiper arms controls the pressure applied to the blades on the glass. The windshield wiper arms are secured by a nut to each of the two wiper pivots that protrude through the cowl plenum cover/grille panel at the base of the windshield. The rear wiper arm is secured by a nut directly to the rear wiper motor output shaft on the liftgate below the rear window glass.

The wiper arms and blades cannot be adjusted or repaired. If faulty or damaged, they must be replaced.

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