Voice Texting (8.4A/8.4AN). Yelp (8.4A/8.4AN)

Voice Texting (8.4A/8.4AN)

  1. To send a message, push the Phone button the beep, say the following command: . After the beep, say the following command: "Send message to John Smith."
  2.  Listen to the prompt. After the beep, dictate the message you would like to send. Wait for Uconnect to process your message.
  3.  The Uconnect system will repeat your message and provide a variety of options to add to, delete, send or hear the message again. After the beep, tell Uconnect what you'd like to do. For instance, if you're happy with your message, after the beep, say: "Send."

You must be registered with Uconnect Access and have a compatible MAP - enabled smartphone to use your voice to send a personalized text message. For details about MAP, visit UconnectPhone.com.

Apple iPhone iOS6 or later supports reading incoming text messages only. To enable this feature on your Apple iPhone, follow these 4 simple steps:

iPhone Notification Settings iPhone Notification Settings

1 - Select "Settings" 2 - Select "Bluetooth"
3 - Select the (i) for the paired vehicle 4 - Turn on "Show Notifications"


  •  Voice Texting is not compatible with iPhone, but if your vehicle is equipped with Siri Eyes Free, you can use your voice to send a text message.
  •  Messages are limited to 140 characters.
  •  The Messaging button on the touchscreen must be illuminated to use the feature.

Yelp (8.4A/8.4AN)

Once registered with Uconnect Access, you can use your voice to search for the most popular places or things around you.

  1.  Press the "Apps button on the touchscreen." button on the touchscreen.
  2.  Press the "Yelp" button on the touchscreen.
  3.  Once the YELP home screen appears on the touchscreen, push the VR button , then say: "YELP search."
  4.  Listen to the system prompts and after the beep, tell Uconnect the place or business that you'd like Uconnect to find.

TIP: Once you perform a search, you can reorganize the results by selecting either the Best Match, Rating or Distance tab on the top of the touchscreen display.

Yelp Yelp

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