Register (8.4A/8.4AN). Mobile App (8.4A/8.4AN)

Register (8.4A/8.4AN)

To unlock the full potential of Uconnect Access in your vehicle, you first need to register with Uconnect Access.

  1.  Push the ASSIST button on your rearview mirror.

Assist Button Assist Button

  1. Press the "Uconnect Care" button on the touchscreen.
  2.  A helpful Uconnect Care Agent will register your vehicle and handle all of the details.

Signing up is easy! Simply follow the steps above. Or, press the "Apps touchscreen to" button on the touchscreen to "Register By Web" to complete the process using your smartphone or computer.

For further information, please visit

Mobile App (8.4A/8.4AN)

You're only a few steps away from using remote commands and playing your favorite music in your vehicle.

Mobile App Mobile App

To link your internet radio accounts:

  1.  Download the Uconnect Access App to your mobile device.
  2.  Press the Via Mobile icon on the navigation bar at the bottom of the app.
  3. Press the app you'd like to connect to your vehicle.
  4.  Enter your login information for the selected app and press Link.
  5.  Next time you're in your vehicle, enable Bluetooth, pair your phone and select the Via Mobile app you want to play from the Uconnect touchscreen to stream your personalized music.


  •  You can also complete this process on the web. Simply visit log in and click Set Up Via Mobile Profile (under Quick Links).
  •  Once you download the app to your compatible mobile device, you will also be able to start your vehicle and lock/unlock its doors from virtually anywhere.

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