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Valve guides


The valve guides are made of powered metal and are pressed into the cylinder head. The guides are not replaceable or serviceable, and valve guide reaming is not recommended. If the guides are worn beyond acceptable limits, replace the cylinder heads.



The valves are made of heat resistant steel and have chrome plated stems to prevent scuffing. Each valve is actuated by a roller rocker arm which pivots on a stationary lash adjuster. All valves use three bead lock keepers to retain the springs and promote valve rotation.

Valve stem seal


The valve stem seals are made of rubber and incorporate an integral steel valve spring seat. The integral garter spring maintains consistent lubrication control to the valve stems.

Valve spring


The valve springs are made from high strength chrome silicon steel. The springs are common for intake and exhaust applications. The valve spring seat is integral with the valve stem seal, which is a positive type seal to control lubrication.

Hydraulic lash adjuster


Valve lash is controlled by hydraulic lash adjusters that are stationary mounted in the cylinder heads.

The lash adjusters have a hole in the ball plunger that feeds oil through the rocker arm squirt holes for rocker arm roller and camshaft lobe lubrication.

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