Towing Tips

Before setting out on a trip, practice turning, stopping and backing the trailer up in an area away from heavy traffic.

Automatic Transmission

The DRIVE range can be selected when towing. The transmission controls include a drive strategy to avoid frequent shifting when towing. However, if frequent shifting does occur while in DRIVE, you can use the AutoStick shift control to manually select a lower gear.

NOTE: Using a lower gear while operating the vehicle under heavy loading conditions, will improve performance and extend transmission life by reducing excessive shifting and heat buildup. This action will also provide better engine braking.


  •  When using the AutoStick shift control, select the highest gear that allows for adequate performance and avoids frequent downshifts. For example, choose "5" if the desired speed can be maintained. Choose "4" or "3" if needed to maintain the desired speed.
  •  To prevent excess heat generation, avoid continuous driving at high RPM. Reduce vehicle speed as necessary to avoid extended driving at high RPM. Return to a higher gear or vehicle speed when grade and road conditions allow.

Electronic Speed Control - If Equipped

  •  Do not use in hilly terrain or with heavy loads.
  •  When using the speed control, if you experience speed drops greater than 10 mph (16 km/h), disengage until you can get back to cruising speed.
  •  Use speed control in flat terrain and with light loads to maximize fuel efficiency.

Cooling System

To reduce potential for engine and transmission overheating, take the following actions:

City Driving

When stopped for short periods of time, shift the transmission into NEUTRAL and increase engine idle speed.

Highway Driving

Reduce speed.

Air Conditioning

Turn off temporarily.

    Dodge Durango (WD) 2011-2024 Owners Manual


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