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(1) Raise vehicle on hoist.

(2) Remove the left hand exhaust pipe from exhaust manifold. Refer to Group 11, Exhaust System.

(3) Loosen the right hand exhaust manifold-to-exhaust pipe retaining bolts.

(4) Remove the eight bolts retaining structural cover (Fig. 39).

(5) Pivot the exhaust pipe downward and remove the structural cover.


CAUTION: The structural cover must be installed as described in the following steps. Failure to do so will cause severe damage to the cover.

(1) Position the structural cover in the vehicle.

(2) Install all four bolts retaining the cover-to-engine.

DO NOT tighten the bolts at this time.

(3) Install the four cover-to-transmission bolts. Do NOT tighten at this time.

CAUTION: The structural cover must be held tightly against both the engine and the transmission bell housing during tightening sequence. Failure to do so may cause damage to the cover.

(4) Starting with the two rear cover-to-engine bolts, tighten bolts (1) (Fig. 39) to 54 N*m (40 ft. lbs.), then tighten bolts (2) (Fig. 39) and (3) to 54 N*m ( 40 ft. lbs.) in the sequence shown.

Fig. 39 Structural Cover Fig. 39 Structural Cover

(5) Install the exhaust pipe on left hand exhaust manifold.

(6) Tighten exhaust manifold-to-exhaust pipe retaining bolts to 20-26 N*m (15-20 ft. lbs.).Engine assembly

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