State display test mode. Circuit actuation test mode

State display test mode


The switch inputs to the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) have two recognized states; HIGH and LOW. For this reason, the PCM cannot recognize the difference between a selected switch position versus an open circuit, a short circuit, or a defective switch.

If the State Display screen shows the change from HIGH to LOW or LOW to HIGH, assume the entire switch circuit to the PCM functions properly. Connect the DRB scan tool to the data link connector and access the state display screen. Then access either State Display Inputs and Outputs or State Display Sensors.

Circuit actuation test mode


The Circuit Actuation Test Mode checks for proper operation of output circuits or devices the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) may not internally recognize.

The PCM attempts to activate these outputs and allow an observer to verify proper operation. Most of the tests provide an audible or visual indication of device operation (click of relay contacts, fuel spray, etc.). Except for intermittent conditions, if a device functions properly during testing, assume the device, its associated wiring, and driver circuit work correctly.

Connect the DRB scan tool to the data link connector and access the Actuators screen.

    Dodge Durango (DN) 1998-2003 Service Manual


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