SiriusXM Setup - If Equipped. Restore Settings

SiriusXM Setup - If Equipped

After pressing the "SiriusXM Setup" button on the touchscreen, the following settings will be available:

  • Tune Start

Tune Start begins playing the current song from the beginning when you tune to a music channel using one of the twelve presets, so you can enjoy the complete song.

This feature occurs the first time the preset is selected during that current song. Tune Start works in the background, so you will not even realize it's on, except that you will miss the experience of joining your favorite song with only a few seconds left to play. To make your selection, press the "Tune Start" button on the touchscreen, select "On" or "Off."

  • Channel Skip

SiriusXM can be programmed to designate a group of channels that are the most desirable to listen to or to exclude undesirable channels while scanning. To make your selection, press the "Channel Skip" button on the touchscreen, select the channels you would like to skip followed by pressing the back arrow button on the touchscreen.

  • Subscription Information

New vehicle purchasers or lessees will receive a free limited time subscription to SiriusXM Satellite Radio with your radio. Following the expiration of the free services, it will be necessary to access the information on the Subscription Information screen to re-subscribe.

Press the "Subscription Info" button on the touchscreen to access the Subscription Information screen.

Write down the Sirius ID numbers for your receiver. To reactivate your service, either call the number listed on the screen or visit the provider online.

NOTE: SiriusXM Travel Link is a separate subscription and is available for U.S. residents only.

Restore Settings

After pressing the "Restore Settings" button on the touchscreen the following settings will be available:

  • Restore Settings

When this feature is selected it will reset the Display, Clock, Audio, and Radio Settings to their default settings To restore the settings to their default setting, press the "Restore Settings" button on the touchscreen and pop-up will appear asking Are you sure you want to reset your settings to default?" select "OK" to restore, or "Cancel" to exit. Once the settings are restored, a pop-up appears stating Settings Reset To Default.

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