Clear Personal Data. System Information

Clear Personal Data

After pressing the "Clear Personal Data" button on the touchscreen the following settings will be available:

  • Clear Personal Data

When this feature is selected it will remove personal data including Bluetooth devices and presets. To remove personal information, press the "Clear Personal Data" button and a pop-up will appear asking Are you sure you want to clear all personal data?" select "OK" to Clear, or "Cancel" to exit. Once the data has been cleared, a pop up appears stating Personal Data Cleared."

System Information

After pressing the "System Information" button on the touchscreen the following information will be available:

  • System Information

When System Information is selected, a System Information screen will appear displaying the system software version.

Uconnect radios - if equipped

For detailed information about your Uconnect radio, refer to your Uconnect Owner's Manual Supplement.

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