Customer Programmable Features - Uconnect 8.4 Personal Settings

Press the "Apps" or the "Controls" button on the touchscreen, then press the "Settings" button on the touchscreen to display the menu setting screen. In this mode the Uconnect system allows you to access programmable features that may be equipped such as Display, Voice, Clock, Safety & Driving Assistance, Lights, Doors & Locks, Auto-On Comfort, Engine Off Options, Audio, Phone/Bluetooth, SiriusXM Setup, Restore Settings, Clear Personal Data, and System Information.

NOTE: Only one category may be selected at a time.

To adjust the setting of a programmable feature, press the desired setting option. Once in the desired setting option, press and release the preferred setting until a check-mark appears next to the setting, showing that the setting has been selected.

Once the setting is complete, press the Back Arrow button on the touchscreen to return to the previous menu or press the X button on the touchscreen to close out of the settings screen. Pressing the Up or Down Arrow button on the right side of the screen will allow you to toggle up or down through the list of available settings.

Dodge Durango (WD) 2011-2024 Owners Manual


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