Roof rail weatherstrip and retainer. Body side moldings

Roof rail weatherstrip and retainer


(1) Release door latch and open door.

(2) The rearward corner of the weatherstip is adhesively attached to the body. Peel back the corner of the weatherstrip to release it from the body.

(3) Pull weatherstrip from retainer (Fig. 61).

(4) Remove screws attaching retainer to roof rail (Fig. 62).

(5) Separate retainer from vehicle.


NOTE: The screws attaching the retainer to the roof are coated with wax to prevent water leakage. If the retainer has been removed from the roof, replace the screws.

Fig. 61 Roof Rail Weatherstrip Fig. 61 Roof Rail Weatherstrip


Fig. 62 Roof Rail Retainer Fig. 62 Roof Rail Retainer


(1) Ensure the area where tape secures the weatherstrip is clean. Use Mopar Super Clean or equivalent.

(2) Position retainer on vehicle.

(3) Install screws attaching retainer to roof rail.

(4) Starting at the forward end of retainer, push weatherstrip on until seated.

(5) Peel the backing from the rearward end of the weatherstrip and press to secure.

Body side moldings


(1) Apply a length of masking tape on the body, parallel to the top edge of the molding to use as a guide, if necessary.

(2) Warm the effected stick-on molding and body metal to approximately 38C (100F) using a suitable heat lamp or heat gun.

(3) Pull stick-on molding from painted surface (Fig. 63).


(1) Clean body surface with MOPAR Super Kleen solvent or equivalent. Wipe surface dry with lint free cloth.

(2) Remove protective cover from tape on back of molding. Apply molding to body below the masking tape guide.

(3) Remove masking tape guide and heat body and molding. Firmly press molding to body surface to assure adhesion.

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