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Available factory-installed radio receivers for this model include an AM/FM/cassette (RAS sales code), an AM/FM/cassette/5-band graphic equalizer with CD changer control feature (RBN sales code), an AM/FM/ CD/3-band graphic equalizer (RBR sales code), or an AM/FM/CD/cassette/3-band graphic equalizer (RAZ sales code). The factory-installed RAZ sales code radio receivers can also communicate on the Chrysler Collision Detection (CCD) data bus network through a separate two-way wire harness connector. All factory- installed receivers are stereo Electronically Tuned Radios (ETR) and include an electronic digital clock function.

These radio receivers can only be serviced by an authorized radio repair station. See the latest Warranty Policies and Procedures manual for a current listing of authorized radio repair stations.


All vehicles are equipped with an Ignition-Off Draw (IOD) fuse that is removed when the vehicle is shipped from the factory. This fuse feeds various accessories that require battery current when the ignition switch is in the Off position, including the clock. The IOD fuse is removed to prevent battery discharge during vehicle storage.

When removing or installing the IOD fuse, it is important that the ignition switch be in the Off position.

Failure to place the ignition switch in the Off position can cause the radio display to become scrambled when the IOD fuse is removed and replaced.

Removing and replacing the IOD fuse again, with the ignition switch in the Off position, will correct the scrambled display condition.

The IOD fuse should be checked if the radio or clock displays are inoperative. The IOD fuse is located in the junction block. Refer to the fuse layout label on the back of the instrument panel fuse access panel for IOD fuse identification and location.


The radio receiver operates on fused battery current that is available only when the ignition switch is in the On or Accessory positions. The electronic digital clock function of the radio operates on fused battery current supplied through the IOD fuse, regardless of the ignition switch position.

For more information on the features, setting procedures, and control functions for each of the available factory-installed radio receivers, see the owner's manual in the vehicle glove box. For complete circuit diagrams, refer to Audio System in the Contents of Group 8W - Wiring Diagrams.

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