Paperclip. Sunglasses storage bin



A paperclip is standard equipment on the base version of the overhead console. The paperclip provides a convenient place for storage and easy retrieval of notes, maps, toll tickets or stubs and other paper items that may be required or desired while driving.

The paperclip is located near the front of the overhead console and is secured in the overhead console housing by four screws.

The paperclip is available for service replacement, but it cannot be adjusted or repaired. If the paperclip is damaged or faulty it must be replaced.

Sunglasses storage bin


A sunglasses storage bin is included in the overhead console. The storage bin is located near the center of the overhead console and is held in the closed position by a spring-loaded latch mechanism that is integral to the storage bin door. The interior of the bin is lined with a foam rubber padding material to protect the sunglasses from being scratched. A damper spring is snapped onto the pivot shaft of the sunglasses storage bin door. The damper spring engages two flats on the shaft and is anchored in a slot in the rear flange of the overhead console reading and courtesy lamp housing to provide a smooth opening action and an open detent position for the storage bin unit.

The sunglasses storage bin and door unit is available for service replacement. The bin and door unit includes the spring-loaded latch mechanism, the bin liner and the damper spring. If any of these components is damaged or faulty, the sunglasses storage bin and door unit must be replaced.


The sunglasses storage bin is opened by pressing the latch on the rear edge of the door towards the front of the vehicle, then pulling the bin downward to the open detent position. The spring-loaded latch mechanism on the sunglasses bin door will automatically engage when the bin is closed. See the owner's manual in the vehicle glove box for more information on the use and operation of the sunglasses storage bin.

    Dodge Durango (DN) 1998-2003 Service Manual


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