Intake manifold. Exhaust manifold

Intake manifold


NOTE: There is NO approved repair procedure for the intake manifold. If severe damage is found during inspection, the intake manifold must be replaced.

Before installing the intake manifold thoroughly clean the mating surfaces. Use a suitable cleaning solvent, then air dry.


(1) Inspect the intake sealing surface for cracks, nicks and distortion.

(2) Inspect the intake manifold vacuum hose fittings for looseness or blockage.

(3) Inspect the manifold to throttle body mating surface for cracks, nicks and distortion.

Exhaust manifold


(1) Clean the exhaust manifold using a suitable cleaning solvent, then allow to air dry.

(2) Clean all gasket residue from the manifold mating surface.


(1) Inspect the exhaust manifold for cracks in the mating surface and at every mounting bolt hole.

(2) Using a straight edge and a feeler gauge, check the mating surface for warp and twist.

(3) Inspect the manifold to exhaust pipe mating surface for cracks, gouges, or other damage that would prevent sealing.

    Dodge Durango (DN) 1998-2003 Service Manual


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