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Instrument panel system


The instrument panel serves as the command center of the vehicle, which necessarily makes it a very complex unit. The instrument panel is designed to house the controls and monitors for standard and optional powertrains, climate control systems, audio systems, lighting systems, safety systems and many other comfort or convenience items. The instrument panel is also designed so that all of the various controls can be safely reached and the monitors can be easily viewed by the vehicle operator when driving, while still allowing relative ease of access to each of these items for service. See the owner's manual in the vehicle glove box for more information on the features, use and operation of all of the instrument panel components and systems.

This group is responsible for covering service information for the vehicle instrument panel systems.

However, complete service information coverage for all of the systems and components housed in the instrument panel in a single section of the service manual would not be practical. Therefore, the service information for any component will be found in the group designated to cover the vehicle system that the component belongs to, even though the component is mounted on or in the instrument panel. If you cannot locate a listing for the component or system you are servicing in the table of contents for this group, or if you are uncertain as to which vehicle system a component belongs to, it is suggested that you refer to the alphabetical Component and System Index found at the back of this service manual.

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