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Horn relay

The horn relay is a International Standards Organization (ISO) micro-relay. The terminal designations and functions are the same as a conventional ISO relay. However, the micro-relay terminal orientation (or footprint) is different, current capacity is lower, and the relay case dimensions are smaller than those of the conventional ISO relay.

The horn relay is a electromechanical device that switches battery current to the horn when the horn switch or the high-line Central Timer Module (CTM) grounds the relay coil. Refer to Relays in the Diagnosis and Testing section of this group for more information.

The horn relay is located in the Junction Block (JB), on the left end of the instrument panel in the passenger compartment. See the fuse and relay layout label on the inside of the fuse access panel for relay identification and location.

If a problem is encountered with a continuously sounding horn, it can usually be quickly resolved by removing the horn relay from the JB until further diagnosis is completed.

The horn relay cannot be repaired and, if faulty or damaged, it must be replaced.

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