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Fuel injectors-pcm output


The fuel injectors are connected to the engine with the fuel injector rail.


The nozzle ends of the injectors are positioned into openings in the intake manifold just above the intake valve ports of the cylinder head. The engine wiring harness connector for each fuel injector is equipped with an attached numerical tag (INJ 1, INJ 2 etc.).

This is used to identify each fuel injector with its respective cylinder number.

The injectors are energized individually in a sequential order by the Powertrain Control Module (PCM). The PCM will adjust injector pulse width by switching the ground path to each individual injector on and off. Injector pulse width is the period of time that the injector is energized. The PCM will adjust injector pulse width based on various inputs it receives.

Battery voltage (12 volts +) is supplied to the injectors through the ASD relay. The ASD relay will shutdown the 12 volt power source to the fuel injectors if the PCM senses the ignition is on, but the engine is not running. This occurs after the engine has not been running for approximately 1.8 seconds.

The PCM determines injector on-time (pulse width) based on various inputs.

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