Fuel gauge sending unit. Fuel injector test

Fuel gauge sending unit

The fuel gauge sending unit contains a variable resistor (track). As the float moves up or down, electrical resistance will change. Refer to Group 8E, Instrument Panel and Gauges for Fuel Gauge testing.

To test the gauge sending unit only, it must be removed from vehicle. The unit is part of the fuel pump module. Refer to Fuel Pump Module Removal/ Installation for procedures. Measure the resistance across the sending unit terminals. With float in up position, resistance should be 20 ohms +-6 ohms.

With float in down position, resistance should be 220 ohms +-6 ohms.

Fig. 10 Type-1 Relay Fig. 10 Type-1 Relay

Fig. 11 Type-2 Relay Fig. 11 Type-2 Relay

Fig. 12 Type-3 Relay Fig. 12 Type-3 Relay

Fuel injector test

To perform a complete test of the fuel injectors and their circuitry, use the DRB scan tool and refer to the appropriate Powertrain Diagnostics Procedures manual.

To test the injector only, refer to the following: Disconnect the fuel injector wire harness connector from the injector. The injector is equipped with 2 electrical terminals (pins). Place an ohmmeter across the terminals. Resistance reading should be approximately 12 ohms 61.2 ohms at 20C (68F).

    Dodge Durango (DN) 1998-2003 Service Manual


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