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The front clutch assembly (Fig. 54) is composed of the front clutch retainer, pressure plate, four clutch plates, four driving discs, piston, piston return spring, return spring retainer, and snap rings. The front clutch is the forwardmost component in the transmission geartrain and is directly behind the oil pump and is considered a driving component.

NOTE: The number of discs and plates may vary with each engine and vehicle combination.


To apply the clutch, pressure is applied between the clutch retainer and piston. The fluid pressure is provided by the oil pump, transferred through the control valves and passageways, and enters the clutch through the hub of the reaction shaft support.

With pressure applied between the clutch retainer and piston, the piston moves away from the clutch retainer and compresses the clutch pack. This action applies the clutch pack, allowing torque to flow through the input shaft into the driving discs, and into the clutch plates and pressure plate that are lugged to the clutch retainer. The waved snap ring is used to cushion the application of the clutch pack. In some transmissions, the snap ring is selective and used to adjust clutch pack clearance.

When pressure is released from the piston, the spring returns the piston to its fully released position and disengages the clutch. The release spring also helps to cushion the application of the clutch assembly.

When the clutch is in the process of being released by the release spring, fluid flows through a vent and one-way ball-check-valve located in the clutch retainer. The check-valve is needed to eliminate the possibility of plate drag caused by centrifugal force acting on the residual fluid trapped in the clutch piston retainer.

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