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Engine diagnosis-introduction

Engine diagnosis is helpful in determining the causes of malfunctions not detected and remedied by routine maintenance.

These malfunctions may be classified as either performance (e.g., engine idles rough and stalls) or mechanical (e.g., a strange noise).

Refer to the Service Diagnosis-Performance chart and the Service Diagnosis-Mechanical chart for possible causes and corrections of malfunctions. Refer to Group 14, Fuel System for the fuel system diagnosis.

Additional tests and diagnostic procedures may be necessary for specific engine malfunctions that can not be isolated with the Service Diagnosis charts.

Information concerning additional tests and diagnosis is provided within the following diagnosis:

  • Cylinder Compression Pressure Test.
  • Cylinder Combustion Pressure Leakage Test.
  • Engine Cylinder Head Gasket Failure Diagnosis.
  • Intake Manifold Leakage Diagnosis.
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