Cooling system-cleaning/reverse flushing


Drain cooling system and refill with water. Run engine with radiator cap installed until upper radiator hose is hot. Stop engine and drain water from system. If water is dirty, fill system with water, run engine and drain system. Repeat until water drains clean.


Reverse flushing of cooling system is the forcing of water through the cooling system. This is done using air pressure in the opposite direction of normal coolant flow. It is usually only necessary with very dirty systems with evidence of partial plugging.


Disconnect radiator hoses from radiator inlet and outlet. Attach a section of radiator hose to radiator bottom outlet fitting and insert flushing gun. Connect a water supply hose and air supply hose to flushing gun.

CAUTION: Internal radiator pressure must not exceed 138 kPa (20 psi) as damage to radiator may result.

Allow radiator to fill with water. When radiator is filled, apply air in short blasts. Allow radiator to refill between blasts. Continue this reverse flushing until clean water flows out through rear of radiator cooling tube passages. Have radiator cleaned more extensively by a radiator repair shop.


Drain cooling system. Remove thermostat housing and thermostat. Install thermostat housing. Disconnect radiator upper hose from radiator and attach flushing gun to hose. Disconnect radiator lower hose from water pump and attach a lead-away hose to water pump inlet fitting.

CAUTION: On vehicles equipped with a heater water control valve, be sure heater control valve is closed (heat off). This will prevent coolant flow with scale and other deposits from entering heater core.

Connect water supply hose and air supply hose to flushing gun. Allow engine to fill with water. When engine is filled, apply air in short blasts, allowing system to fill between air blasts. Continue until clean water flows through the lead away hose.

Remove lead away hose, flushing gun, water supply hose and air supply hose. Remove thermostat housing and install thermostat. Install thermostat housing with a replacement gasket. Refer to Thermostat Replacement. Connect radiator hoses. Refill cooling system with correct antifreeze/water mixture.

Refer to Refilling the Cooling System.


In some instances, use a radiator cleaner (Mopar Radiator Kleen or equivalent) before flushing. This will soften scale and other deposits and aid flushing operation.

CAUTION: Follow manufacturers instructions when using these products.

    Dodge Durango (DN) 1998-2003 Service Manual


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