Coolant selection and additives. Coolant-adding additional

Coolant selection and additives

The presence of aluminum components in the cooling system requires strict corrosion protection. Maintain coolant at specified level with a mixture of ethylene-glycol based antifreeze and water. Daimler- Chrysler Corporation recommends Mopar Antifreeze or equivalent. If coolant becomes contaminated or looses color, drain and flush cooling system and fill with correctly mixed solution.

CAUTION: Do not use coolant additives that are claimed to improve engine cooling.

Coolant-adding additional

Do not remove radiator cap to add coolant to system. When adding coolant to maintain correct level, do so at coolant reserve/overflow tank. Use a 50/50 mixture of ethylene glycol antifreeze containing Alugard 340-2 content water. y and low mineral content water.

Remove radiator cap only for testing or when refilling system after service. Removing cap unnecessarily can cause loss of coolant and allow air to enter system, which produces corrosion.

    Dodge Durango (DN) 1998-2003 Service Manual


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