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Axle shaft


(1) Raise and support vehicle. Ensure that the transmission is in neutral.

(2) Remove the necessary C/V driveshaft from vehicle.

(3) Remove the skid plate, if equipped.

(4) Clean all foreign material from axle seal area.

(5) Install Puller Adapter 8420 onto the axle shaft.

(6) Install Slide Hammer C-3752 to the puller adapter.

(7) Remove axle shaft. Use care to prevent damage to axle shaft bearing and seal, which will remain in axle shaft tube.

(8) Inspect axle shaft seal for leakage or damage.

Replace the seal if there is any question as to its condition.

(9) Inspect roller bearing contact surface on axle shaft for signs of brinelling, galling and pitting. If any of these conditions exist, the axle shaft and/or bearing and seal must be replaced.


(1) Lubricate bearing bore and seal lip with gear lubricant. Insert axle shaft through seal, bearing, and engage it into side gear splines.

NOTE: Use care to prevent shaft splines from damaging axle shaft seal lip.

(2) Push firmly on the axle shaft until the axle shaft snap-ring passes completely through the side gear and engages the snap-ring groove.

(3) Check the differential fluid level and add fluid if necessary. Refer to Lubricant in this group for lubricant requirements.

(4) Install skid plate, if necessary.

(5) Install C/V driveshaft.

(6) Lower vehicle.

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