Automatic transmission diagnosis. Effects of incorrect fluid level

Automatic transmission diagnosis

Automatic transmission problems can be a result of poor engine performance, incorrect fluid level, incorrect linkage or cable adjustment, band or hydraulic control pressure adjustments, hydraulic system malfunctions or electrical/mechanical component malfunctions.

Begin diagnosis by checking the easily accessible items such as: fluid level and condition, linkage adjustments and electrical connections. A road test will determine if further diagnosis is necessary.

Effects of incorrect fluid level

A low fluid level allows the pump to take in air along with the fluid. Air in the fluid will cause fluid pressures to be low and develop slower than normal.

If the transmission is overfilled, the gears churn the fluid into foam. This aerates the fluid and causing the same conditions occurring with a low level. In either case, air bubbles cause fluid overheating, oxidation and varnish buildup which interferes with valve, clutch and servo operation. Foaming also causes fluid expansion which can result in fluid overflow from the transmission vent or fill tube. Fluid overflow can easily be mistaken for a leak if inspection is not careful.

    Dodge Durango (DN) 1998-2003 Service Manual


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