Adjustments. Specifications


Rear axle pinion input angle

Adjust the rear axle pinion input angle on vehicles equipped with leaf springs with tapered shims (Fig.

37). Install tapered shims between the springs and axle pad to correct the angle. Refer to Group 2, Suspension, for additional information.

Fig. 37 Pinion Angle Adjustment at Leaf Springs Fig. 37 Pinion Angle Adjustment at Leaf Springs


Center bearing adjustment

Drive away shudder is a vibration that occurs at first acceleration from a stop. Shudder vibration usually peaks at the engines highest torque output.

Shudder is a symptom associated with vehicles using a two-piece propeller shaft. To decrease shudder, lower the center bearing in 1/8 inch increments. Use shim stock or fabricated plates. Plate stock must be used to maintain compression of the rubber insulator around the bearing. Do not use washers. Replace the original bolts with the appropriate increased length bolts.




Bolts, Center Bearing . . . . . . 68 N*m (50 ft. lbs.)

Bolts, Transfer Case Yoke . . . 27 N*m (20 ft. lbs.)

Bolts, Companion Flange . . 108 N*m (80 ft. lbs.)

Special tools

Propeller shaft

Inclinometer-7663 Inclinometer-7663

Bearing Splitter-1130 Bearing Splitter-1130

Installer, Bearing-6052 Installer, Bearing-6052

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