Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover Removal - If Equipped. Trailer And Tongue Weight

Trailer Hitch Receiver Cover Removal - If Equipped

Your vehicle may be equipped with a trailer hitch receiver cover, this must be removed to access the trailer hitch receiver (if equipped). This cover is located at the bottom center of the rear fascia.

  1.  Turn the two locking retainers located at the bottom of the hitch receiver cover a 1/4 turn counterclockwise and pull bottom of the hitch receiver cover outward (towards you).

Hitch Receiver Cover Retainers Hitch Receiver Cover Retainers

1 - Hitch Receiver Cover 2 - Locking Retainers

  1. Pull the bottom of the cover outward (towards you) then downwards to disengage the tabs located at the top of the hitch receiver cover to remove.

Hitch Receiver Cover Hitch Receiver Cover

To reinstall the cover after towing repeat the procedure in reverse order.

NOTE: Be sure to engage all tabs of the hitch receiver cover in the bumper fascia prior to installation.

Trailer And Tongue Weight

Never exceed the maximum tongue weight stamped on your trailer hitch.

Consider the following items when computing the weight on the rear axle of the vehicle:

  •  The tongue weight of the trailer
  •  The weight of any other type of cargo or equipment put in or on your vehicle
  •  The weight of the driver and all passengers

NOTE: Remember that everything put into or on the trailer adds to the load on your vehicle. Also, additional factory-installed options or dealer-installed options must be considered as part of the total load on your vehicle.

Refer to "Tire Safety Information/Tire and Loading Information Placard" in "Starting And Operating" for further information.

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