Spare Tire Removal. Preparations For Jacking

Spare Tire Removal

  1. Remove the jack tools from the bag.
  2.  Raise the rubber mat and remove the plug from storage compartment floor.
  3.  Fit the jack handle extension over the drive nut. Use the lug wrench handle and extension to completely lower the spare tire. Keep turning the handle until the winch stops.

Lowering/Raising Spare Tire Lowering/Raising Spare Tire

  1. Slide the tire out from under the vehicle and rotate it vertically behind the rear bumper.

Spare Tire Spare Tire

  1. Spread the retaining tabs on the plastic plate and pull the metal stamping toward you to release it from the plastic plate.

Tab Location Tab Location

  1. Slide the metal stamping up the steel extension tube and winch cable. Rotate the metal stamping and push it through the hole in the plastic plate and wheel.

Sleeve And Cable Sleeve And Cable

  1. Pinch the three short and two long tubes to remove the protective plate from the steel spare wheel.

Releasing Protective Plate Releasing Protective Plate

Preparations For Jacking

  1. Park the vehicle on a firm, level surface as far from the edge of the roadway as possible. Avoid icy or slippery areas
WARNING! Do not attempt to change a tire on the side of the vehicle close to moving traffic, pull far enough off the road to avoid being hit when operating the jack or changing the wheel.
  1. Turn on the Hazard Warning flasher.
  2.  Set the parking brake.
  3.  Place the gear selector into PARK.
  4.  Turn OFF the ignition.
  5.  Block both the front and rear of the wheel diagonally opposite of the jacking position. For example, if changing the right front tire, block the left rear wheel.

NOTE: Passengers should not remain in the vehicle when the vehicle is being jacked.

    Dodge Durango (WD) 2011-2024 Owners Manual


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