Outside Mirrors Folding Feature. Power Mirrors

Outside Mirrors Folding Feature

All outside mirrors are hinged and may be moved either forward or rearward to resist damage. The hinges have three detent positions:

  •  Full forward position
  •  Full rearward position
  •  Normal position

Outside Automatic Dimming Mirror - If Equipped

The Drivers side mirror will automatically adjust for glare from vehicles behind you. This feature is controlled by the inside automatic dimming mirror. The mirrors will automatically adjust for headlight glare when the inside mirror adjusts.

Power Mirrors

The power mirror switch is located on the driver's side door trim panel.

The power mirror controls consist of mirror select buttons and a four-way mirror control switch. To adjust a mirror, push the mirror select button for the mirror that you want to adjust. Using the mirror control switch, push on any of the four arrows for the direction that you want the mirror to move.

Power Mirror Switch Power Mirror Switch

1 - Mirror Direction Control 2 - Mirror Selection

Power mirror preselected positions can be controlled by the optional Memory Seat Feature. Refer to "Driver Memory Seat" in "Understanding The Features Of Your Vehicle" for further information.

Heated Mirrors - If Equipped

frost or ice. ThisThese mirrors are heated to melt frost or ice. This feature will be activated whenever you turn on the rear window defroster (if equipped). Refer to "Rear Window Features" in "Understanding The Features Of Your Vehicle" for further information.

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