Daytime Running Lights - If Equipped. Headlight Delay

Daytime Running Lights - If Equipped

The Daytime Running Lights come on whenever the engine is running, and the transmission is not in the PARK position. The lights will remain on until the ignition is switched to the OFF or ACC position or the parking brake is engaged. The headlight switch must be used for normal nighttime driving.

NOTE: If allowed by law in the country in which the vehicle was purchased the Daytime Running Lights can be turned on and off using the Uconnect System, refer to "Uconnect Settings" in "Understanding Your Instrument Panel" for further information.

Headlight Delay

To aid in your exit, your vehicle is equipped with a headlight delay that will leave the headlights on for approximately 90 seconds. This delay is initiated when the ignition is turned OFF while the headlight switch is on, and then the headlight switch is cycled off. Headlight delay can be cancelled by either turning the headlight switch on then off, or by turning the ignition ON.

NOTE: The headlight delay time is programmable through the Uconnect System. Refer to "Uconnect Settings/Customer Programmable Features" in "Understanding Your Instrument Panel" for further information.

Parking Lights And Panel Lights

and instrument To turn on the parking lights and instrument panel lights, rotate the headlight switch clockwise.

To turn off the parking lights, rotate the headlight switch back to the O (Off) position.

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