Basic Voice Commands. Radio

Basic Voice Commands

The basic Voice Commands below can be given at any point while using your Uconnect system.

Push the VR button beep, say. After the beep, say

  •  Cancel to stop a current voice session
  •  Help to hear a list of suggested Voice Commands
  •  Repeat to listen to the system prompts again
  • Notice the visual cues that inform you of your voice recognition system's status. Cues appear on the touchscreen.

Uconnect 5.0 Uconnect 5.0

Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN


Use your voice to quickly get to the AM, FM or SiriusXM Satellite Radio stations you would like to hear. (Subscription or included SiriusXM Satellite Radio trial required.) Push the VR button beep, say. After the beep, say

  •  Tune to ninety-five-point-five FM
  •  Tune to Satellite Channel Hits 1

TIP: At any time, if you are not sure of what to say or want to learn a Voice Command, push the VR button provide you with and say "Help." The system will provide you with a list of commands.

Uconnect 5.0 Radio Uconnect 5.0 Radio

Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN Radio Uconnect 8.4A/8.4AN Radio

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