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Understanding the features of your vehicle
Adaptive cruise control (acc) - if equipped

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) increases the driving convenience provided by cruise control while traveling on highways and major roadways. However, it is not a safety system and not designed to prevent collisions.

Electronic Speed Control function performs differently.

Please refer to the proper section within this chapter.

ACC will allow you to keep cruise control engaged in light to moderate traffic conditions without the constant need to reset your cruise control. ACC utilizes a radar sensor and a forward facing camera designed to detect a vehicle directly ahead of you.


  •  If the sensor does not detect a vehicle ahead of you, ACC will maintain a fixed set speed.
  •  If the ACC sensor detects a vehicle ahead, ACC will apply limited braking or acceleration (not to exceed the original set speed) automatically to maintain a preset following distance, while matching the speed of the vehicle ahead.

The Cruise Control system has two control modes:

  •  Adaptive Cruise Control mode for maintaining an appropriate distance between vehicles.
  •  Normal (fixed speed) electronic speed control mode for cruising at a constant preset speed. For additional information, refer to "Normal (Fixed Speed) Cruise Control Mode" in this section.

NOTE: Normal (fixed speed) electronic speed control will not react to preceding vehicles. Always be aware of the mode selected.

You can change the mode by using the Cruise Control buttons. The two control modes function differently.

Always confirm which mode is selected.

  •  Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) is a convenience system. It is not a substitute for active driving involvement. It is always the driver's responsibility to be attentive of road, traffic, and weather conditions, vehicle speed, distance to the vehicle ahead; and, most importantly, brake operation to ensure safe operation of the vehicle under all road conditions. Your complete attention is always required while driving to maintain safe control of your vehicle. Failure to follow these warnings can result in a collision and death or serious personal injury.
  • The ACC system:
  •  Does not react to pedestrians, oncoming vehicles, and stationary objects (e.g., a stopped vehicle in a traffic jam or a disabled vehicle).
  •  Cannot take street, traffic, and weather conditions into account, and may be limited upon adverse sight distance conditions.
  •  Does not always fully recognize complex driving conditions, which can result in wrong or missing distance warnings.
  •  Will bring the vehicle to a complete stop while following a target vehicle and hold the vehicle for 2 seconds in the stop position. If the target vehicle does not start moving within two seconds the ACC system will display a message that the system will release the brakes and that the brakes must be applied manually. An audible chime will sound when the brakes are released.

You should switch off the ACC system:

  •  When driving in fog, heavy rain, heavy snow, sleet, heavy traffic, and complex driving situations (i.e., in highway construction zones).
  •  When entering a turn lane or highway off ramp; when driving on roads that are winding, icy, snowcovered, slippery, or have steep uphill or downhill slopes.
  •  When towing a trailer up or down steep slopes.
  •  When circumstances do not allow safe driving at a constant speed.
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