Replacing The Remote Control Batteries. Headphones Operation

Replacing The Remote Control Batteries

The remote control requires two AAA batteries for operation.

To replace the batteries:

  1.  Locate the battery compartment on the back of the remote, then slide the battery cover downward.
  2.  Replace the batteries, making sure to orient them according to the polarity diagram shown.
  3.  Replace the battery compartment cover.

Headphones Operation

The headphones receive two separate channels of audio using an infrared transmitter from the video screen.

If no audio is heard after increasing the volume control, verify that the screen is turned on, the channel is not muted and the headphone channel selector switch is on the desired channel. If audio is still not heard, check that fully charged batteries are installed in the headphones.

Rear Seat Entertainment Headphones Rear Seat Entertainment Headphones

1 - Power Button
2 - Volume Control
3 - Channel Selection Switch

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