Rear Automatic Temperature Control (ATC)

The rear ATC system has floor air outlets at the rear right side of the 3rd Row seats and overhead outlets at each outboard rear seating position. The system provides heated air through the floor outlets or cool, dehumidified air through the headliner outlets.

The rear system temperature control buttons are located in the Uconnect system, located on the instrument panel

Uconnect 5.0 Automatic Rear Climate Controls Touchscreen Uconnect 5.0 Automatic Rear Climate Controls Touchscreen

1 - Press Blower Up Button 2 - Press Mode Button
3 - Press Temperature Button 4 - Press Blower Down Button 5 - Press Done Button
6 - Press Rear Lock Button 7 - Press Rear Auto Button 8 - Press Rear Off Button

Uconnect 8.4 Front ATC Panel Rear Control Display Uconnect 8.4 Front ATC Panel Rear Control Display

  1. Mode Display This display shows the current Mode selection.
  2.  Rear Temperature Display This display shows the temperature setting for the rear seat occupants.
  3.  Blower Control Display This display shows the current Blower speed selection.
  4.  Rear Auto Indicator This indicates when the system is in Rear Auto mode.

Controlling The Rear Climate Controls From The Front ATC Panel

The Three-Zone ATC system allows for adjustment of the rear climate controls from the front ATC panel.

To change the rear system settings:

  •  Press REAR button to change control to rear control mode, Rear display will appear. Control functions now operate rear system.
  •  To return to Front screen, press REAR button again, or it will revert to the Front screen after six seconds

Rear Lock

Pressing the Rear Temperature Lock button on the Uconnect touchscreen, illuminates a lock symbol in the rear display. The rear temperature and air source are controlled from the front Uconnect system.

Rear second row occupants can only adjust the rear ATC control when the Rear Temperature Lock button is turned off.

The rear ATC is located in the headliner, near the center of the vehicle.

Rear ATC Control Features Rear ATC Control Features

1 - Blower Speed
2 - Rear Temperature
3 - Rear Mode
4 - Rear Temperature Lock
5 - AUTO Mode

  • Press the Rear Temperature Lock button on the Uconnect touchscreen. This turns off the Rear Temperature Lock icon in the rear temperature knob.
  •  Rotate the Rear Blower, Rear Temperature and the Rear Mode Control knobs to suit your comfort needs.
  •  ATC is selected by adjusting the rear blower knob counterclockwise to AUTO.

Once the desired temperature is displayed, the ATC System will automatically achieve and maintain that comfort level. When the system is set up for your comfort level, it is not necessary to change the settings. You will experience the greatest efficiency by simply allowing the system to function automatically.

NOTE: It is not necessary to move the temperature. The system automatically adjusts the temperature, mode and fan speed to provide comfort as quickly as possible.

Rear Blower Control

The rear blower control, located in the rear overhead console, has an off position and a range of blower speeds.

This allows the second row seat occupants to control the volume of air circulated in the rear of the vehicle.

CAUTION! Interior air enters the Rear Manual Climate Control system through an intake grille, located in the right side trim panel behind the third row seats. The heater outlets are located in the right side trim panel, just behind the rear passenger door. Do not block or place objects directly in front of the inlet grille or heater outlets. The electrical system could overload, causing damage to the blower motor.

Rear Temperature Control

To change the temperature in the rear of the vehicle, rotate the temperature control knob counterclockwise for cold air, and clockwise for heated air.

Rear Mode Control

  •  Auto Mode The rear system automatically maintains the correct mode and comfort level desired by the rear seat occupants.
  •  Headliner Mode the headliner. EachAir comes from the outlets in the headliner. Each of these outlets can be individually adjusted to direct the flow of air. Moving the air vanes of the outlets to one side will shut off the airflow.
  •  Bi-Level Mode headliner outlets and the Air comes from both the headliner outlets and the floor outlets.NOTE: In many temperature positions, the BI-LEVEL mode is designed to provide cooler air out of the headliner outlets and warmer air from the floor outlets.
  •  Floor Mode outlets. Air comes from the floor outlets.

Operating Tips

NOTE: Refer to the chart at the end of this section for suggested control settings for various weather conditions.

Summer Operation

The engine cooling system must be protected with a high-quality antifreeze coolant to provide proper corrosion protection and to protect against engine overheating.

A solution of 50% OAT (Organic Additive Technology) coolant that meets the requirements of FCA Material Standard MS.90032 and 50% water is recommended.

Refer to "Maintenance Procedures" in "Maintaining Your Vehicle" for proper coolant selection.

Winter Operation

Use of the air Recirculation mode during winter months is not recommended because it may cause window fogging.

Vacation Storage

Any time you store your vehicle or keep it out of service (i.e., vacation) for two weeks or more, run the air conditioning system at idle for about five minutes in the fresh air and high blower setting. This will ensure adequate system lubrication to minimize the possibility of compressor damage when the system is started again.

Window Fogging

Interior fogging on the windshield can be quickly removed by turning the mode selector to Defrost. The Defrost/Floor mode can be used to maintain a clear windshield and provide sufficient heating. If side window fogging becomes a problem increase blower speed.

Vehicle windows tend to fog on the inside in mild but rainy or humid weather.

NOTE: Recirculate without A/C should not be used for long periods, as fogging may occur.

Outside Air Intake

Make sure the air intake, located directly in front of the windshield, is free of obstructions such as leaves. Leaves collected in the air intake may reduce airflow, and if they enter the plenum, they could plug the water drains. In winter months, make sure the air intake is clear of ice, slush, and snow.

A/C Air Filter

The climate control system filters outside air containing dust, pollen and some odors. Strong odors cannot be totally filtered out. Refer to "Maintenance Procedures" in "Maintaining Your Vehicle" for filter replacement instructions.

Control Setting Suggestions For Various Weather Conditions

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