Power inverter - if equipped

There is a 115 Volt, 150Watt inverter outlet located on the back of the center console to convert DC current to AC current. This outlet can power cellular phones, electronics and other low power devices requiring power up to 150 Watts. Certain high-end video game consoles will exceed this power limit, as will most power tools.

Power Inverter Power Inverter

The power inverter is designed with built-in overload protection. If the power rating of 150 Watts is exceeded, the power inverter will automatically shut down. Once the electrical device has been removed from the outlet the inverter should automatically reset. To avoid overloading the circuit, check the power ratings on electrical devices prior to using the inverter.

WARNING! To avoid serious injury or death:
  •  Do not insert any objects into the receptacles.
  •  Do not touch with wet hands.
  •  Close the lid when not in use.
  • If this outlet is mishandled, it may cause an electric shock and failure.

    Dodge Durango (WD) 2011-2024 Owners Manual


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