Instrument cluster

Instrument Cluster Instrument Cluster

  1. Tachometer
  •  Indicates the engine speed in revolutions per minute (RPM x 1000).
  1.  Speedometer
  •  Indicates vehicle speed.
  1.  Temperature Gauge
  •  The temperature gauge shows engine coolant temperature.Any reading within the normal range indicates that the engine cooling system is operating satisfactorily.
  •  The gauge pointer will likely indicate a higher temperature when driving in hot weather, up mountain grades, or when towing a trailer. It should not be allowed to exceed the upper limits of the normal operating range.
CAUTION! Driving with a hot engine cooling system could damage your vehicle. If the temperature gauge reads "H" pull over and stop the vehicle. Idle the vehicle with the air conditioner turned off until the pointer drops back into the normal range. If the pointer remains on the "H", turn the engine off immediately and call an authorized dealer for service.


WARNING! A hot engine cooling system is dangerous. You or others could be badly burned by steam or boiling coolant. You may want to call an authorized dealer for service if your vehicle overheats. If you decide to look under the hood yourself, see "Maintaining Your Vehicle". Follow the warnings under the Cooling System Pressure Cap paragraph.
  1. Fuel Gauge
  •  The pointer shows the level of fuel in the fuel tank when the Keyless Push Button Ignition is in the ON/RUN position.
  •  points to the side of theThe fuel pump symbol points to the side of the vehicle where the fuel door is located.
  1.  Driver Information Display (DID) Display
  •  The Driver Information Display (DID) features a driver-interactive display. Refer to "Instrument Cluster Display" in "Understanding Your Instrument Panel" for further information.

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