Dynamic Steering Torque (DST)

Dynamic Steering Torque is a feature of the ESC and EPS modules that provides torque at the steering wheel for certain driving conditions in which the ESC module is detecting vehicle instability. The torque that the steering wheel receives is only meant to help the driver realize optimal steering behavior in order to reach/maintain vehicle stability. The only notification the driver receives that the feature is active is the torque applied to the steering wheel.

NOTE: The DST feature is only meant to help the driver realize the correct course of action through small torques on the steering wheel, which means the effectiveness of the DST feature is highly dependent on the drivers sensitivity and overall reaction to the applied torque. It is very important to realize that this feature will not steer the vehicle, meaning the driver is still responsible for steering the vehicle.

    Dodge Durango (WD) 2011-2024 Owners Manual


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