Door locks

Manual Door Locks

The power door locks can be manually locked from inside the vehicle by using the door lock knob. To lock each door, push the door lock knob on each door trim panel downward. To unlock the front doors, pull the inside door handle to the first detent. To unlock the rear doors, pull the door lock knob on the door trim panel upward. If the lock knob is down when the door is closed, the door will lock. Therefore, make sure the key is not inside the vehicle before closing the door.

Manual Door Lock Knob Manual Door Lock Knob

  •  For personal security and safety in the event of an collision, lock the vehicle doors as you drive as well as when you park and leave the vehicle.
  • Never leave children alone in a vehicle, or with access to an unlocked vehicle.
  •  Allowing children to be in a vehicle unattended is dangerous for a number of reasons. A child or others could be seriously or fatally injured. Children should be warned not to touch the parking brake, brake pedal or the gear selector.
  •  Do not leave the key fob in or near the vehicle, or in a location accessible to children, and do not leave the ignition of a vehicle equipped with Keyless Enter-N-Go in the ACC or ON/RUN mode. A child could operate power windows, other controls, or move the vehicle.
  •  When leaving the vehicle, always make sure the keyless ignition node is in the Off mode, remove the key fob from the vehicle and lock the vehicle. Unsupervised use of the vehicle equipment may cause severe person injuries and death.

Power Door Locks

The power door lockswitches are located on  switches are located on each front door panel. Push the switch to lock or unlock the doors and liftgate.

Power Door Lock Switches Power Door Lock Switches

If the lock knob is down when the door is closed, the door will lock. Therefore, make sure the key fob is not inside the vehicle before closing the door.

If you push the door lock while the ignition switch while the ignition position is in ACC or ON/RUN and the driver or front passenger's door is open, the doors will not lock.

If a rear door is locked, it cannot be opened from inside the vehicle without first unlocking the door. The door may be unlocked manually by raising the lock knob.

Automatic Door Locks - If Equipped

When enabled, the door locks will lock automatically when the vehicle's speed exceeds 15 MPH (24 km/h).

Auto door lock feature is enabled/disabled in the Uconnect Settings sections in the radio. Refer to "Uconnect Settings" located in "Understanding Your Instrument Panel."

Automatic Unlock On Exit Feature - If Equipped

If Auto Unlock is enabled, this feature will unlock all the doors when any door is opened if the vehicle is stopped and in PARK. Refer to "Uconnect Settings" in "Understanding Your Instrument Panel" for further information.

Child-Protection Door Lock System - Rear Doors

To provide a safer environment for small children riding in the rear seats, the rear doors are equipped with Child-Protection Door Lock system.

To Engage Or Disengage The Child-Protection Door Lock System

  1.  Open the rear door.
  2.  Insert the tip of the emergency key into the lock and rotate to the LOCK or UNLOCK position.
  3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 for the opposite rear door

Child-Protection Door Lock Location Child-Protection Door Lock Location

Child-Protection Door Lock Function Child-Protection Door Lock Function

WARNING! Avoid trapping anyone in a vehicle in a collision. Remember that the rear doors can only be opened from the outside when the Child-Protection locks are engaged (locked).

NOTE: For emergency exit with the system engaged, move the lock knob up (unlocked position), roll down the window, and open the door with the outside door handle.

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