Adding fuel

  1. Push the fuel filler door release switch (located under the headlamp switch).

Fuel Filler Door Release Switch Fuel Filler Door Release Switch

  1. Open the fuel filler door.

Fuel Filler Door Fuel Filler Door

NOTE: In certain cold conditions, ice may prevent the fuel door from opening. If this occurs, lightly push on the fuel door to break the ice buildup and re-release the fuel door using the inside release button. Do not pry on the door.

  1. There is no fuel filler cap. A flapper door inside the pipe seals the system.
  2.  Insert the fuel nozzle fully into the filler pipe - the nozzle opens and holds the flapper door while refueling.

NOTE: Only the correct size nozzle opens the latches allowing the flapper door to open.

  1.  Fill the vehicle with fuel - when the fuel nozzle "clicks" or shuts off the fuel tank is full.
  2.  Wait 5 seconds before removing the fuel nozzle to allow fuel to drain from nozzle.
  3.  Remove the fuel nozzle and close the fuel door.

Emergency Gas Can Refueling

  •  Most gas cans will not open the flapper door.
  •  A funnel is provided to open the flapper door to allow emergency refueling with a gas can.
  •  Retrieve funnel from the spare tire storage area.
  •  Insert funnel into same filler pipe opening as the fuel nozzle.
  •  Ensure funnel is inserted fully to hold flapper door open.
  •  Pour fuel into funnel opening.
  •  Remove funnel from filler pipe, clean off prior to putting back in the spare tire storage area.
CAUTION! To avoid fuel spillage and overfilling, do not "top off" the fuel tank after filling.


  •  Never have any smoking materials lit in or near the vehicle when the fuel door is open or the tank is being filled.
  •  Never add fuel when the engine is running. This is in violation of most state and federal fire regulations and may cause the "Malfunction Indicator Light" to turn on.
  •  A fire may result if fuel is pumped into a portable container that is inside of a vehicle. You could be burned. Always place fuel containers on the ground while filling.

Emergency Fuel Filler Door Release

If you are unable to open the fuel filler door, use the fuel filler door emergency release.

  1.  Open the liftgate.
  2.  Push the inboard edge of the left storage bin to the center, this will pop up the outboard edge.
  3.  Grab popped up outboard edge with other hand to disengage snaps.
  4.  Remove the storage bin.
  5.  Pull the release cable to open the fuel door, push the release cable back to the home position to re-seat the fuel door latch to the closed position.

Release Cable Release Cable

NOTE: If the fuel door does not latch after the manual release cable has been activated, the actuator latch should be manually returned to the closed position.

    Dodge Durango (WD) 2011-2024 Owners Manual


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