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Uconnect Access (8.4A/8.4AN)

WARNING! ALWAYS obey traffic laws and pay attention to the road. Some Uconnect Access services, including 9-1-1 and Assist, will NOT work without an operable 1X (voice/data) or 3G (data) network connection.

NOTE: Your vehicle may be transmitting data as authorized by the subscriber.

An included trial and/or subscription is required to take advantage of the Uconnect Access services in the next section of this guide. To register with Uconnect Access, press the Apps button on the 8.4-inch touchscreen to get started. Detailed registration instructions can be found on the next page.

NOTE: Uconnect Access is available only on equipped vehicles purchased within the continental United States, Alaska and Hawaii. Services can only be used where coverage is available; see coverage map for details.

Security Alarm Notification9-1-1 Call Remote Door Lock/UnlockSecurity Alarm Notification Stolen Vehicle AssistanceRemote Door Lock/Unlock Remote Vehicle Start**Stolen Vehicle Assistance Remote Horn and LightsRemote Vehicle Start** Yelp SearchRemote Horn and Lights Voice TextingYelp Search Roadside Assistance CallVoice Texting 3G Wi-Fi Hotspot***Roadside Assistance Call **If vehicle is equipped.3G Wi-Fi Hotspot***

**If vehicle is equipped.

***Extra charges apply.

Vehicle Health Alert

Your vehicle will send you an email alert if it senses a problem under the hood with one of your vehicles key systems. For further information go to the Mopar Owner Connect website

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    Introducing Uconnect

    Get Started

    Basic Voice Commands




    Voice Text Reply

    Climate (8.4A/8.4AN)

    Navigation (8.4A/8.4AN)

    Uconnect Access (8.4A/8.4AN)

    Register (8.4A/8.4AN)

    Mobile App (8.4A/8.4AN)

    Voice Texting (8.4A/8.4AN)

    Yelp (8.4A/8.4AN)

    SiriusXM Travel Link (8.4A/8.4AN)

    Siri Eyes Free - If Equipped

    Do Not Disturb

    General Information

    Additional Information

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