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Tires are designed and engineered for each specific vehicle. They provide the best overall performance for normal operation. The ride and handling characteristics match the vehicle's requirements. With proper care they will give excellent reliability, traction, skid resistance, and tread life.

Driving habits have more effect on tire life than any other factor. Careful drivers will obtain in most cases, much greater mileage than severe use or careless drivers. A few of the driving habits which will shorten the life of any tire are:

  • Rapid acceleration
  • Severe brake applications
  • High speed driving
  • Excessive speeds on turns
  • Striking curbs and other obstacles

Radial-ply tires are more prone to irregular tread wear. It is important to follow the tire rotation interval shown in the section on Tire Rotation. This will help to achieve a greater tread life.


Tire type, size, aspect ratio and speed rating are encoded in the letters and numbers imprinted on the side wall of the tire. Refer to the chart to decipher the tire identification code (Fig. 1).

Performance tires have a speed rating letter after the aspect ratio number. The speed rating is not always printed on the tire sidewall. These ratings are:

  • Q up to 100 mph
  • S up to 112 mph
  • T up to 118 mph
  • U up to 124 mph
  • H up to 130 mph
  • V up to 149 mph
  • Z more than 149 mph (consult the tire manufacturer for the specific speed rating)

An All Season type tire will have either M + S, M & S or M-S (indicating mud and snow traction) imprinted on the side wall.


Tire snow chains may be used on certain models.

Refer to the Owner's Manual for more information.

Fig. 1 Tire Identification Fig. 1 Tire Identification

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