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Warning: dust and dirt accumulating on brake parts during normal use may contain asbestos fibers from production or aftermarket linings. Breathing excessive concentrations of asbestos fibers can cause serious bodily harm. Exercise care when servicing brake parts. Do not clean brake parts with compressed air or by dry brushing. Use a vacuum cleaner specifically designed for the removal of asbestos fibers from brake components.

If a suitable vacuum cleaner is not available, cleaning should be done with a water dampened cloth. Do not sand, or grind brake lining unless equipment used is designed to contain the dust residue.

Dispose of all residue containing asbestos fibers in sealed bags or containers to minimize exposure to yourself and others.

Follow practices prescribed by the occupational safety and health administration and the environmental protection agency for the handling, processing, and disposition of dust or debris that may contain asbestos fibers.

CAUTION: Never use gasoline, kerosene, alcohol, motor oil, transmission fluid, or any fluid containing mineral oil to clean the system components. These fluids damage rubber cups and seals. Use only fresh brake fluid or Mopar brake cleaner to clean or flush brake system components. These are the only cleaning materials recommended. If system contamination is suspected, check the fluid for dirt, discoloration, or separation into distinct layers. Also check the reservoir cap seal for distortion. Drain and flush the system with new brake fluid if contamination is suspected.

CAUTION: Use Mopar brake fluid, or an equivalent quality fluid meeting SAE/DOT standards J1703 and DOT 3. Brake fluid must be clean and free of contaminants.

Use fresh fluid from sealed containers only to ensure proper antilock component operation.

CAUTION: Use Mopar multi-mileage or high temperature grease to lubricate caliper slide surfaces, drum brake pivot pins, and shoe contact points on the backing plates. Use multi-mileage grease or GE 661 or Dow 111 silicone grease on caliper slide pins to ensure proper operation.

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