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The refrigerant oil used in R-134a refrigerant systems is a synthetic-based, PolyAlkylene Glycol (PAG), wax-free lubricant. Mineral-based R-12 refrigerant oils are not compatible with PAG oils, and should never be introduced to an R-134a refrigerant system.

There are different PAG oils available, and each contains a different additive package. The SD7H15 compressor used in this vehicle is designed to use an SP-20 PAG refrigerant oil. Use only refrigerant oil of this same type to service the refrigerant system.


After performing any refrigerant recovery or recycling operation, always replenish the refrigerant system with the same amount of the recommended refrigerant oil as was removed. Too little refrigerant oil can cause compressor damage, and too much can reduce air conditioning system performance.

PAG refrigerant oil is much more hygroscopic than mineral oil, and will absorb any moisture it comes into contact with, even moisture in the air. The PAG oil container should always be kept tightly capped until it is ready to be used. After use, recap the oil container immediately to prevent moisture contamination.

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