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Rear clutch

Clean the clutch components with solvent and dry them with compressed air. Do not use rags or shop towels to dry any of the clutch parts. Lint from such materials will adhere to component surfaces and could restrict or block fluid passages after assembly.

Replace the clutch discs if warped, worn, scored, burned/charred, the lugs are damaged, or if the facing is flaking off. Replace the top and bottom pressure plates if scored, warped, or cracked. Be sure the driving lugs on the pressure and clutch plates are also in good condition. The lugs must not be bent, cracked or damaged in any way.

Replace the piston spring and wave spring if either part is distorted, warped or broken.

Check the lug grooves in the clutch retainer. The clutch and pressure plates should slide freely in the slots. Replace the retainer if the grooves are worn or damaged. Also check action of the check balls in the retainer and piston. Each check ball must move freely and not stick.

Replace the retainer bushing if worn, scored, or doubt exists about bushing condition.

Inspect the piston and retainer seal surfaces for nicks or scratches. Minor scratches can be removed with crocus cloth. However, replace the piston and/or retainer if the seal surfaces are seriously scored.

Check condition of the fiber thrust washer and metal output shaft thrust washer. Replace either washer if worn or damaged.

Check condition of the seal rings on the input shaft and clutch retainer hub. Replace the seal rings only if worn, distorted, or damaged. The input shaft front seal ring is teflon with chamfered ends. The rear ring is metal with interlocking ends.

Check the input shaft for wear, or damage. Replace the shaft if worn, scored or damaged in any way.

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