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Radial-ply tires


Radial-ply tires improve handling, tread life and ride quality, and decrease rolling resistance.

Radial-ply tires must always be used in sets of four. Under no circumstances should they be used on the front only. They may be mixed with temporary spare tires when necessary. A maximum speed of 50 MPH is recommended while a temporary spare is in use.

Radial-ply tires have the same load-carrying capacity as other types of tires of the same size. They also use the same recommended inflation pressures.

The use of oversized tires, either in the front or rear of the vehicle, can cause vehicle drive train failure.

This could also cause inaccurate wheel speed signals when the vehicle is equipped with Anti-Lock Brakes.

The use of tires from different manufactures on the same vehicle is NOT recommended. The proper tire pressure should be maintained on all four tires.

Spare tire-temporary


The temporary spare tire is designed for emergency use only. The original tire should be repaired or replaced at the first opportunity, then reinstalled.

Do not exceed speeds of 50 M. P. H. when using the temporary spare tire. Refer to Owner's Manual for complete details.

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