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Propeller shaft


A propeller shaft (Fig. 2), (Fig. 3), and (Fig. 4) is the shaft which connects the transmission/transfer case to the axle differential. This is the link through which the engine power is transmitted to the axle.

The propeller shaft is designed and built with the yoke lugs in line with each other which is called zero phasing. This design produces the smoothest running condition, an out-of-phase shaft can cause a vibration.

Tubular propeller shafts are balanced by the manufacturer with weights spot welded to the tube.


Use the exact replacement parts when installing the propeller shafts. The use of the correct replacement parts helps to ensure safe operation. All fasteners must be torqued to the specified values for safe operation.

Also make alignment reference marks (Fig. 1) on the propeller shaft yoke and axle, or transmission, yoke prior to servicing. This helps to eliminate possible vibration.

CAUTION: Do not allow the propeller shaft to drop or hang from any propeller shaft joint during removal. Attach the propeller shaft to the vehicle underside with wire to prevent damage to the joints.

Fig. 1 Reference Marks on Yokes Fig. 1 Reference Marks on Yokes



The propeller shaft must operate through constantly changing relative angles between the transmission and axle. It must also be capable of changing length while transmitting torque. The axle rides suspended by springs in a floating motion. The propeller shaft must be able to change operating angles when going over various road surfaces. This is accomplished through universal joints, which permit the propeller shaft to operate at different angles. The slip joints (or yokes) permit contraction or expansion (Fig.

2), (Fig. 3), and (Fig. 4).

Before undercoating a vehicle, the propeller shaft and the U-joints should be covered to prevent an out-of-balance condition and driveline vibration.

CAUTION: Use original equipment replacement parts for attaching the propeller shafts. The specified torque must always be applied when tightening the fasteners.

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