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Preparations For Jump-Start

The battery in your vehicle is located under the passenger's front seat. There are remote locations located under the hood to assist in jump-starting.

Remote Battery Posts Remote Battery Posts

1 - Remote Positive (+) Post (covered with protective cap) 2 - Remote Negative (-) Post

  •  Take care to avoid the radiator cooling fan whenever the hood is raised. It can start anytime the ignition switch is ON. You can be injured by moving fan blades.
  •  Remove any metal jewelry such as rings, watch bands and bracelets that could make an inadvertent electrical contact. You could be seriously injured.
  •  Batteries contain sulfuric acid that can burn your skin or eyes and generate hydrogen gas which is flammable and explosive. Keep open flames or sparks away from the battery.

NOTE: Be sure that the disconnected ends of the cables do not touch while still connected to either vehicle.

  1.  Set the parking brake, shift the automatic transmission into PARK and turn the ignition to LOCK.
  2. Turn off the heater, radio, and all unnecessary electrical accessories.
  3.  Remove the protective cover over the remote positive (+) battery post. Pull upward on the cover to remove it.
  4.  If using another vehicle to jump-start the battery, park the vehicle within the jumper cables reach, set the parking brake and make sure the ignition is OFF.
WARNING! Do not allow vehicles to touch each other as this could establish a ground connection and personal injury could result.
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