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Power amplifier


Models equipped with the Infinity premium speaker package have a separate power amplifier unit. This power amplifier is rated at 100 watts output.

The power amplifier unit is mounted to the right cowl side inner panel under the passenger side end of the instrument panel. The power amplifier unit can be accessed for service by removing the trim from the right cowl side inner panel.

The power amplifier unit should be checked if there is no sound output noted from the speakers.

For diagnosis of the power amplifier, refer to Speaker in the Diagnosis and Testing section of this group. The power amplifier cannot be repaired or adjusted and, if faulty or damaged, the unit must be replaced.


The power amplifier receives fused battery current from a fuse in the Junction Block (JB) at all times.

The internal circuitry of the power amplifier switches the amplifier on based upon a fused 12 volt output signal that is received from the radio receiver whenever the radio is turned on. The power amplifier receives the sound signal inputs for four speaker channels from the radio receiver, then sends the amplified speaker outputs for each of those channels to the eight speakers. For complete circuit diagrams, refer to Audio System in the Contents of Group 8W - Wiring Diagrams.

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